There are many types of hyperpigmented skin spots. Solar lentigo are among the most frequent ones. Where these spots are, the skin is characterized by an increased number of melanocytes.

Solar lentigo induce annoying discolorations in the skin. The underlying cause of this alteration is exposure to sunlight. In fact, these particular spots appear in areas are affected by UV radiation, such as face, hands, shoulders and décolleté.

Skin "communicates" with these manifestations of hyperpigmentation, excessive and incorrect exposure to the sun.

These flat spots which can have a color ranging from yellow to brown, are irregular and may have different location and size. In fact, in some cases they are very small, so as to be nearly imperceptible, while in other situations they affect large areas of the body.

In the latter case we must not underestimate the resulting aesthetic impact. In fact, it is not pleasant to stand out for mottled skin, both for ourselves, and when we are confronted with other people.

Fortunately, these spots have no pathological consequences, but they definitely have definitely psychological ones, if they are very visible.

Those who feel uncomfortable due to this kind of hyperpigmentation can act on several fronts to oppose it. You may intervene clearing the spots with K5® Lipogel, to achieve uniform complexion again.

After reaching this goal, it is important to take care of the skin and avoid long exposure to the sun without adequate protection.

The consequences of inappropriate exposure can lead to much more serious problems!