BB cream is a product that has been attracting the attention of cosmetic products consumers in recent years. It is an innovative product that seeks to encompass a few characteristics of other face care products. BB is an acronym that means Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm.

BB cream reflects this fast-paced age, where taking care of ourselves has become complicated. Hence, the idea of joining the action of multiple products into one:

  • The moisturizing effect, typical of face creams;
  • the foundation for make-up;
  • a covering effect, such as the one typical of foundation;
  • the homogenizing effect that a concealer can have;
  • the protection from UV rays that a sunscreen would offer.

All this, makes the product very interesting and useful for speeding up the care, protection, and preparation of the skin. In fact, it aims at nourishing the skin making it softer. It tries to reduce redness, smoothing the complexion and covering imperfections. This product tries to pair skin care with make-up, while maintaining a natural appearance of the skin. In particular, BB cream is suitable for summer, as it doesn't have the annoying effect typical of many foundations, that is the sensation that the skin is not breathing, since it has a lighter texture.

Consumers must choose a product which is as close as possible to their skin color, as with other cosmetic products. 

All these features make it a very attractive product for consumers. Obviously, however, BB cream alone cannot replace all other products. In fact, although the results on the skin may be discrete, this product is not as hydrating as a face cream, it is not as opaque as foundation, and it probably does not guarantee sun protection, as a special cream would. Since it does not have a covering effect, BB cream does not cover the conspicuous signs of hyperpigmented spots typical of melasma or small scars that may characterize the skin of the face, since it does not solve the problems related to non-uniformity of the complexion.

In conclusion, BB cream is an interesting and practical product to use. But it seems aimed at a limited number of consumers, i.e. those with a young and beautiful skin already!