Face spots

Worse in summer, they hardly disappear spontaneously and make-up cannot disguise them. These are the face spots, in medical jargon lentigo simplex or melasma. The first are caused by the circumscribed and rounded superficial accumulation of melanin, which tends to appear after age 40, especially in the area of the forehead and cheekbones. The second, however, are caused by a deep accumulation of melanin, generally caused by hormonal alteration (birth control pill, pregnancy). In this case, the spots are extended, mainly located on the upper lip, forehead, cheeks, but the may also assume a mask aspect. Melasma tends to clear up almost completely during the winter, but it darkens with the first spring sun, often increasing in size and accentuating in colour. In both cases, we need to use depigmenting dermatological products, which brighten the complexion, in order to mitigate the spots. Among them, pidobenzone-based K5® Lipogel is devoid of side effects, so it does not cause any burning, redness, or irritation.