Facial spots: treatment

Treatments for facial spots clearly linked to their causes and, if the problem is a temporary symptom of an underlying disorder, the remedy is administered via the treatment of the latter; once the disease has been adequately treated, the stains disappear. If the stains are permanent, action can be taken by using some cosmetic products specifically designed to attenuate the annoying blemishes; in some cases it comes in the form of lightening and depigmentation substances that work by stimulating skin cell turnover.

These products, however, require relatively long periods of use (8-12 weeks) prior to having a significant impact; in some cases, the treatment fails because the user gets tired of using them without seeing any results in the short term. 

In subjects where the spots appear on the face generally as a result of prolonged exposure to sunlight, the most commonly recommended products are those that provide UV protection. 

Other sometimes effective cosmetic treatments in reducing facial spots come in the from of exfoliating agents and polyhydroxy acid; these types of treatment, however, should only be taken after consulting your family doctor or trusted dermatologist. 

Immediate effects can be obtained through the use of masking products; while obviously an effective remedy, it is still simply limited to individual applications. 

In the case of ephelides, freckles and solar lentigo, other medical treatments are also available; noteworthy among them are laser therapy, diathermy with electrocauterisation and cryotherapy.