Home remedies for dark spots on face

Sunscreen Cream

Wearing sunscreen cream every time you go outside, even in colder months, can help prevent sun spots from forming on the skin. 


Vitamin E provides the skin with plenty of antioxidants that can help to even the skin tone and Vitamin C helps to reduce the amount of melanin your skin produces. 

Natural Dark “Erasers”

Although prescription treatments for dark spots tend to work more quickly than home remedies, consider do-it-yourself alternatives if you prefer less expensive, gentler methods. 

Castor Oil: the acidic and anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil may explain its long use as a spot-ightener by applying it to dark spots on your face twice a day. 

Onion and Vinegar: use onion juice with 2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar. Apply to dark spots with a cotton swab. Do this every day for several months. 

Lemons: the bleaching properties of lemon's natural acids boast a long tradition in lightening blond hair, whitening teeth and erasing dark spots from the face. Lemons appear to work on age spots because they peel away the upper layers of sun damage. 

DIY Masks

Sandalwood Powder Mixture: create a paste of glycerine, sandalwood powder and rose water and apply it to your face to remove age spots or dark spots. Honey or milk can be used in place of rose water if necessary.

Honey and Brown Sugar: create a mixture of honey and brown sugar. Scrubbing the face with this every two weeks will remove the built up dead skin cells that can cause discoloration.

Lemon Juice: dabbing lemon juice on your dark spots for two weeks can make them fade. Combining lemon juice with cider vinegar, horseradish or honey can make this remedy more effective. This remedy is particularly effective on spots caused by acne.