How old do you look? Feel comfortable in your own skin

Men and women are increasingly paying attention to the aesthetic aspect, often with the goal to look young as long as possible. However, they do not always succeed. One of the secrets to look young is definitely to pay attention to the skin, taking care of it. In fact, the skin can be considered the first indicator of age. Cleansing it, feeding it, in short taking care of it can help reaching this goal. 

A young skin is smooth, hydrated and with a uniform color. Although toned, skin can drastically age with the appearance of unsightly dark spots. These spots, called lentigo solari, are characteristic of people over fifty, but they can often appear sooner than that. Improper exposure to sunlight favors them, causing premature aging of the skin. Connected to this is a slowdown in cell turnover as well as an increase in possible alterations in melanogenesis. 

Very often the spots that appear on the face do not regress. An important aid in feeling more comfortable in your own skin is related to bleaching these hyperpigmentation. With a simple application in the morning and in the evening, K5® Lipogel, can lighten the spots bringing the skin to a more youthful appearance. 

It is not essential to look younger, we should try to preserve our skin as much as possible.