Illegal whitening products

The agency AIFA, "Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco", has recently highlighted the growing increase of skin whitening products illegal imports. 

The article actually refers to a phenomenon that, in Italy, is bringing especially dark-skinned people to use any methods in order to achieve a clear complexion. Maybe this can be linked to the desire, in particular of immigrants, to use whitening products in order to integrate more in the society also starting from a physical resemblance. This results, unfortunately, in the search for and imports of irregular or counterfeit products, particularly from African countries. The application of these unsafe products, especially for prolonged periods of time, often results in skin damage, sometimes very serious.

Before deciding to undertake a whitening treatment it is important to be certain that the basic ingredients of the product are non-toxic and there are no side effects. It is crucial to ensure the safety of human health and a good result of the whitening treatment. 

K5® Lipogel can guarantee the good results you seek in a treatment of this kind and safety of use, essential to protect the consumer. In fact, this whitening product has a good tolerability and efficacy. Since it contains one second generation molecule from hydroquinone, it retains the whitening characteristics but it is devoid of the side effects that this molecule used to have on human health. Its lipid nature also discourages microbial contamination, which makes it safe also from this point of view.