Makeup does not solve the problem, but It is a great ally against dark spots

Skin spots due to hyperpigmentation that arise at the level of the face and décolleté, can be a real problem for women. It is very important to take action to whiten and remove hyperpigmentation, especially when these signs are experienced as a hardship. With his whitening action,
K5® Lipogel can overcome the problem by helping them. Women, however, also have a special ally: makeup. This allows to approach the whitening treatment in a few steps, allowing to "camouflage" the spots until they disappear. The ideal would then be to associate the whitening action of K5® Lipogel to targeted makeup that may camouflage the spots. This way, even if the makeup does not solve the problem, it will help to make the spots less visible, and to harmonize the complexion of the face.