Men and skin spots

Physiologically, there are differences between the characteristics of the skin in men and women. This is mainly a consequence of a different hormonal balance, but not only that. There are differences in the thickness and in the compactness of the skin that are higher in the skin of men. The hydro-lipid film that covers the skin and the presence of collagen at the level of dermis are also higher. These are all characteristics that tend to make men's skin more resistant to external aggressions.

Although this type of skin has slightly different characteristics, when they occur, the hyperpigmented spots are as much a problem for men as they are for women. In the case of melasma for example, even if the probability that men have it is significantly lower compared to women, the symptoms are the same. In fact, the spots that may occur, create considerable discomfort to men as well. Same thing happens with age spots, especially when involving exposed areas of the body such as face and hands.

For men, the problem may be even greater, because they cannot, or hardly resort to the use of makeup to try and disguise the problem. Finding a solution eliminating the problem spots is, therefore, even more important. K5® Lipogel can represent the solution for these men. These imperfections can be reduced with good results already after three or four weeks of treatment