The sun as seen by a child

The sun can seriously damage the skin of an adult, and even more the skin of a child. To avoid the unpleasant and dangerous consequences of improper exposure to the sun, the skin of children should be specially cared for. In fact, depending on the age of children, different measures are needed. 


A baby under one year of age should never be exposed to direct sunlight without total protection of skin and eyes. In fact, at this age, the self-defenses typical of adult skin have not yet developed and the skin is extremely delicate. It is, therefore, necessary to use suitable clothes and accessories, while excluding the use of solar products that may have an opposite effect on such delicate skin. 


Older children spend a lot of time playing outdoor. First, they need to be protected with the appropriate clothing, to reduce the contact between the skin and the sun's damaging rays. It is very important to protect their eyes, because they are much more delicate than those of adults. Therefore, they need sunglasses with 100% protection from UV rays, even better if associated with the use of a hat with a wide visor.As regards some parts of the body that remain uncovered, such as ears, nose, etc..., it is important to apply sunscreen with a very high protection factor. 


The skin of people under twenty has a reduced ability to protect itself from the sun. Exposure to sunlight without adequate protection, as well as repeated sunburn at this age, greatly increase the likelihood of skin cancer as adults. 

Particular attention needs to be paid on the beach, by applying high protection sunscreen several times a day, especially after bathing. Keep in mind that, even on a cloudy day, the harmful rays of the sun are still there, and therefore the suitable sunscreen should be applied.