Age spots

The skin undergoes many changes over time, and this is evident if you compare the skin to a child with that of an elder.

Linked with aging skin are physiological changes that cause a higher incidence of certain diseases of the skin, favored by a different response to damage as well as a reduced ability to repair itself.

Age spots are one of the visible signs of advancing age and are a cosmetic defect that is comparable to that given by the wrinkles. It is the skin degeneration that predisposes it to dark age spots. In fact, this leads to a uneven distribution of melanin due to an alteration of melanocytes that produce it.

These unsightly spots are located mainly in areas exposed to the sun, so on the face, back of the hands and neck. This is not an acute phenomenon, but it is caused by excessive exposure to UV solar over the years.

These circumscribed dark spots are more frequent in individuals with light phenotype and are usually round and flat. Their color can vary from light brown to dark brown and size can range from a few millimeters to 1-2 cm.