The laser is a resource that allows to solve many cosmetic defects. It is a powerful tool that, thanks to its wide range of applications and high precision, has become an ally in the aesthetic field and others.

It is used, for example, to attenuate wrinkles of the face, even if the best results are obtained on the most superficial ones. It is still unable to completely eliminate the problem.

Angioma, as well as couperose, can be treated with the laser with excellent results. This method is particularly useful when blemishes are located on the face.

Also age spots are sometimes treated with this tool, especially when they are placed on the hands.

Less satisfactory results apply to the treatment of hormonal hyperpigmentation spots or related to sun exposure. In these cases, it seems that the laser is not only ineffective, but it can even make the situation worse.

The laser is also used in the field of hair removal for the elimination of unwanted hair. Although in this case it is not a final solution, it can greatly reduce the regrowth of hair.

Whatever the laser treatment, it is important to avoid sun exposure before and after.