Dark spots on face: specially formulated remedies

Many women complain about the difficulty of dealing with unsightly skin blemishes that may appear on the face for various reasons, including excessive exposure to the sun, frequent hair removal around sensitive facial regions, age, or the aftermath of acne. There are also many different ideas on how to get rid of them, but many remedies, unfortunately, have mixed results depending on the person.

First of all, the best advice to avoid having to deal with these obstinate imperfections is always prevention.

The most common cause of skin spots is a local accumulation of melanin (skin pigment). As the synthesis of melanin is stimulated by exposure to sunlight, it is possible to prevent the formation of spots by staying careful, wary and protected.Never forget the importance of sunscreens that filter ultraviolet B and A rays which, skin blemishes aside, can still prove to be very harmful to our cells if absorbed in excessive amounts.

It is a good idea to combine the lightening treatment even cosmetics scrubs that, by removing the most superficial layer of cells, promote skin renewal: this helps the skin become brighter and more receptive to subsequent treatments.

It is best to always bear the prevention of the formation of unsightly spots on our faces in mind. To do this, we must take care of our skin by moisturising it, nourishing it with the right ingredients, and protecting it during direct exposure (but not exclusively) to the sun.