A few words about us


A private chemical-pharmaceutical company dealing with research, development and production of original & generic pharmaceutical products for both human and veterinary fields.

Friulchem, belonging to the Swiss Group Evultis SA based in Lugano, was established by the Mazzola family in 1996 in the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Fully compliant with the EU cGMP, Friulchem was created for performing contract manufacturing activities in the human and veterinary pharmaceutical field (blending, micronization and granulation of chemical and pharmaceutical products).

“The partnership with international customers for the development of new Products is a vote of confidence that we are proud of. In these years our clients have got to know and test the quality of our productions: working with us, they know they can rely on quality results and respect of timelines. Considering the widely diffused habit of big pharma to delocalize manufacturing in markets with low cost manpower, the partnership with an Italian company make it a win to win choice.” - Friulchem president, Disma Giovanni Mazzola

Our Locations are:

Regulatory and Administrative offices:
via Carlo Ravizza 40, 20149 Milano (Italy).
Tel. +39 02 36591450 Fax. +39 02 36591469

Registered Office, Plant and CQ Laboratory:
via San Marco 23, Z.I. 33099 Vivaro (Italy).
Tel. +39 0427 979911 Fax. +39 0427 979925