Notes on laser

More and more often we hear about laser and its use in various fields of every day life. In fact, this instrument that exploits the "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation", is developed for both the industrial and medical field. The laser can be very useful, for example, to destroy kidney stones, to treat dental cavities, it can be used on the cornea to correct some vision problems, etc ... It is also widely used in dermatology to treat certain diseases and to solve some problems of aesthetic character. This tool makes it possible to correct face wrinkles and stretch marks, remove tattoos, and repair pigmented lesions or rosacea.
This tool is slowly evolving into machines increasingly precise and focused. The laser, with its development and controlled release of beams of light, allows to hit a specific target without altering other structures. For these characteristics it is not possible to find a laser suitable for all problems. 
In dermatology, laser is mostly used to hit precise molecules, such as water, melanin, and hemoglobin. Various types of lasers are designed according to the skin problem to be solved, because they can be directed at a precise target so as to destroy only what is necessary.