Treatment of Skin Discoloration

Firstly, prevention is essential. Expose yourself to the sun gradually and using appropriate protective filters. And if you have fair skin, your hydrating lotion should contain sunscreen.

Not all skin spots are the same, each of them has different origin and depths; that's why they cannot be all treated the same way. Before starting a treatment it is, therefore, essential to identify the exact nature and depth at which the pigment is located.

Treatments for skin discolorations are essentially of two types:

  1. Active substances that increase cell turnover of the skin. A quick replacement of the skin promotes the disappearance of the spots. This category includes the so-called scrubbing products, which favour skin exfoliation (peeling).
  2. Their active ingredients block the tyrosinase enzyme and, thus, the production of melanin.

There are also substances with an exfoliating effect that simultaneously block the tyrosinase, such as azelaic acid that, in addition to blocking the production of melanin, also has antioxidant properties. Or the synergy between Pidobenzone and salicylic acid may be exploited, which, through a light exfoliation, accelerates and enhances the depigmenting activity of Pidobenzone.