Laser treatment with its applications in the aesthetic field, reduces and solves many problems. In some cases, however, the skin may have some discoloration as a result. These are areas in which the skin appears darker, which are, therefore, hyperpigmented.

Hyperpigmentation can go unnoticed if small and located in unexposed areas of the body. If laser treatment that has caused this change in skin concerns the face, these hyperpigmented spots can be very annoying and cause discomfort.

However, there is an innovative product that can help in this situation: K5 cryolaser®.

K5 cryolaser® bleaches the spots quickly and effectively, facilitating the return of the skin to a healthy color.

This, however, is not the only value of this product, which also prevents the formation of new spots and avoids the accentuation of those already present. Therefore, it helps to regulate skin pigmentation.

K5 cryolaser® can solve an aesthetic problem that normally affects the hands, face and neck, which are very exposed areas of the body.